Michael Short was born in Bermuda and educated in England at Gillingham Grammar School and Bristol University. He then studied music at Morley College and London University and won a Mendelssohn Scholarship which enabled him to study composition in Italy with Goffredo Petrassi, and in London with Sir Lennox Berkeley.


His compositions include a wide variety of music, ranging from works commissioned for eminent professional ensembles to pieces for amateurs, educational music and jazz scores (see list of works, below). Many of his compositions have been broadcast on BBC network radio and have been performed in various countries throughout the world. He is a Fellow in composition of Trinity College of Music, London, and is a member of the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters.


Besides composition, he has made a special study of the life and music of Gustav Holst. For the centenary of the composer's birth he produced a Centenary Documentation of Holst's works, edited his letters, and organised and compiled the Holst Centenary Exhibition shown in London at the Royal Festival Hall. His comprehensive book Gustav Holst: the Man and his Music was published in 1990 by Oxford University Press. Other writings include Your Book of Music for children, journal articles, record and CD sleeve notes, and radio talks.


As a jazz pianist, Michael has played in various venues in Kent and Sussex, as a soloist, with a trio, and as accompanist to jazz singers.



Michael Short, 13 Boscobel Road North, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN38 0NY, tel. 01424 436379; email: mshort@dassells.free-online.co.uk.

Other contacts:-

Goodmusic P.O. Box 100, Tewkesbury GL20 7YQ; tel: 01684 773883; fax: 01684 773884; e-mail: Sales@Goodmusic-uk.com

Bandleader Publications, 24 Old Furzebrook Road, Stoborough, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 5DD, tel. 01929 550 154. e-mail: david@tresca.demon.co.uk

Studio Music, Cadence House, Eaton Green Road, Luton, Beds, LU2 9LD, tel. 01582 432139, e-mail: sales@studio-music.co.uk

Sound & Music (formerly British Music Information Centre),

3rd floor, South Wing, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA, tel. 020 7759 1800, e-mail: info@soundandmusic.org

Scottish Music Information Centre, City Halls, Candleriggs, Glasgow, tel. 0141 552 5222, e-mail: info@scottishmusiccentre.com.

Photo of Michael Short

List of Works

(N.B. Many of these pieces exist in revised versions -

for further information please contact the composer)



Aspects of Time: symphonic suite (in preparation)

Autumn Music: overture (12')

Bruton Town: fantasia (15')

Countdown (to Eternity?) (12') Studio Music

Divertimento: suite (16')

Echoes of Manningtree: overture (9')

Estonia!: overture (5') Bandleader Publications

A Festive Flourish: miniature overture (3')

Frost Fair: overture (7') Goodmusic

A Musical Mirror: suite of Renaissance dances

Poèmes Sans Paroles: five pieces after Verlaine (18')

A Romantic Symphony: 4 movements (30')

Three Chinese Pictures: mini suite (7') Goodmusic

Variations on a Scottish theme (15').



Apollo Concertos for solo instruments & string orchestra:

No.1 - Flute No.2 - Oboe No.3 - Clarinet No.4 - Bassoon

No.5 - Horn No.6 - Trumpet No.7 - Piano

(Nos.1-6 - Goodmusic)

Concertino for viola & small orchestra (15')

Concerto Lirico for cello & orchestra (18')

Double Concerto for 2 violins & string orchestra (15') Goodmusic

Violin Concerto (in preparation).


String Orchestra

Celebration: miniature overture (2') Goodmusic

Concert Music (17') Goodmusic

Rondo (10')

Serenade for Strings - 4 movements (13') Goodmusic

Song of Cytherea (15').



Adulatio Perniciosa - the passion of Galileo Galilei for narrator, chorus, motet choir, string quartet & orchestra (75')

Deerhurst Dawn for narrator, chorus & ensemble (17').

Dirge in Woods (Meredith) for unaccompanied SATB (2')

Dunbar's Lament for unaccompanied CtTTB (7')

The Enchanted Mountain (Byron) - cantata for chorus & orchestra or wind band (10')

Five Madrigals (Shakespeare) for unaccompanied SATB (16')

Laudamus Memoriam (Wordsworth) for SATB & piano (7')

Marshfield Dawn - New Year cantata for chorus, orchestra, audience & frogs (9')

Media Vita In Morte Sumus - motet for unaccompanied SATB (2')

Song's Eternity (Clare) for unaccompanied SSA (5') Goodmusic

Three Burns Songs for SSA with optional accompaniment for harp or piano (6') Goodmusic

Three French Folksongs for unaccompanied SATB (12') Goodmusic

Three Motets for unaccompanied SATB (14')

Three Nocturnes for unaccompanied SATB (11')

Three Shakespeare Songs for unaccompanied SATB (12') Goodmusic

The Triumph of Reason (Lucretius) for SATB and brass or strings or piano (5')

A Vision of Winter (Douglas): cantata for tenor solo, SATB & orchestra (20')

A Wedding Song (Clare) for unaccompanied SATB (2') Goodmusic


Solo Vocal

Colori (Bartolini) - 7 songs for soprano & 4 instruments

Ever (De La Mare) - song for medium voice & piano

Hesperides (Herrick) - 5 songs for high voice & guitar

Les Soirs, Les Flambeaux Noirs (Verhaeren) - 5 songs for soprano & piano

Of Time And Season (Wordsworth) - 4 songs for medium voice & piano

Reflections (Reynolds) - 5 songs for medium voice & chamber ensemble or small orchestra

Six Love Songs (anon. & Shakespeare) for soprano & 3 instruments

Six Mediaeval Lyrics (anon. & Chaucer) for medium voice & clarinet or viola

Sur la Rivière - 3 Canadian folksongs arranged for medium voice & piano

The Bells (Poe) - 4 songs for medium voice & piano

The Tomb at Akr Çaar (Pound) for narrator & 3 instruments

The World I See (Dickinson) - 6 songs for high voice & piano

Three Romantic Songs (Roethke) for medium voice & piano

Three Spirituals arranged for baritone voice & wind band

West Wind, North Wind- several songs from the Chinese, for medium voice & 3 instruments or piano.


Instrumental - Strings

String Quartet No.1 - 4 movements (25')

String Quartet No.2 - 4 movements (20')

String Quartet No.3 - 4 movements (20')

String Quartet No. 4 (Fantasiestück) - one movement (10')

String Quartet No.5 - one movement (24')

String Quartet No.6 - 4 movements (25')

Piano Quartet - 4 movements (21')

Trio for violin, cello & piano - 4 movements (20')

Duo for violin & cello - 2 movements (9')

Sonata Semplice for violin & piano - 3 movements (12')

New Moons - 4 pieces for violin & piano (12')

Sonata Lirica for viola & piano - 4 movements (18')

Sonata da Gamba for cello & piano - 4 movements (18')

A Short Suite for solo cello - 6 pieces (10') Crouch Music


Instrumental - Wind

Diversions for wind octet - 3 movements (11')

Four Fantasies for saxophone quartet (14') Studio Music

Imaginations - 12 one-minute pieces for wind quintet

Impromptu for saxophone quintet (6') Studio Music

Intrada, Song & Dance arr for wind quartet (7') Bandleader

A Little Light Music for wind quintet (12')

Lullaby for solo flute (3') Studio Music

Memorial Variations for 11 instruments (12')

Mood Music for wind quartet - 5 movements (11')

Six Poems for wind quintet (19') Studio Music

Soliloquy for solo oboe (5') Studio Music

Three Pieces for wind octet (10') Studio Music

Water Music for 17 wind instruments & percussion (10')


Wind Band

Caledonia - 3 movements (10') Bandleader

Countdown - 3 phases (12') Studio Music

A Derbyshire Suite - 4 movements (16') Studio Music

Estonia! - overture (5') Bandleader

Intrada, Song & Dance, arr (7') Bandleader

Kentish Fire - overture (7') Bandleader

Lyric Suite - 3 movements (12') Studio Music

Making Tracks - 3 movements (10') Bandleader

A Musical Mirror - 6 dances by Erasmus Widmann, arr (6')

Old English Suite - 3 sections (5') Studio Music

Our Fighting Ships - 7 sections (12') Bandleader

The Perfect Fool - ballet music (Holst), arr (10') Bandleader

Seven Steps to Heaven - suite (26') Bandleader

Short Shrift - concert march (3') Bandleader

Stonehenge - overture (5') Bandleader



Divertimento for brass quintet - 4 movements (13') Studio Music

Facets for brass quintet - 5 movements (17')

Five Inventions for solo trumpet (7') Studio Music

Gaudeamus - fanfare for brass, horns & percussion (1') Bandleader

Intrada, Song & Dance - arr (7') Bandleader

Jazz Preludes for brass quartet - 7 pieces, Boosey & Hawkes

Partita for brass ensemble - 3 movements (12')

Three Preludes for brass quintet (10')



Brentwood Bayon (D, Tb, Tn, B) Hawthorns Music

Caprice (D, Tb, Tn) in Forsyth volume

Festive Finale (4D, 2Tb, 2Tn, B, GB + instrumental ensemble)

Five Rounds, arr (3D or 3Tn or 3Tb) Dolmetsch/Chappell

Giocata (D + keyboard)

Intrada, Song & Dance (D, Tb, Tn, B) Bandleader

Invocation & Fugue (D, 2Tb, Tn, B) Oriel

Little Suite (D, Tb, Tn) - 5 movements. Studio Music

Sinfonia (Tb, Hpsd, Str quartet) - 3 movements

Sonatina No.1 (Tb + keyboard) - 4 movements. Studio Music

Sonatina No.2 (unacc Tb or Tb + Keyboard)

The Winds of Change (D, 2Tb, Tb, B), Hawthorns Music

Three Chinese Pictures (D, Tb, Tn, B), Goodmusic

Trinkets (D, Tb, Tn) - 6 movements, Studio Music


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